Read user reviews for Reverend Double Agent W Electric Guitar and see over 325,000 product reviews at Reverend’s models encompass stylish originals and signature models for more esoteric, often underappreciated artists. The first Reverend guitar was born in 1997, but the story starts much earlier in 1980 when Reverend founder Joe Naylor first picked up the guitar. They create, yes – but more importantly, they listen. Obviously, there should be some type of preestablished list of features a player looks for. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dunlop RWN0738 Reverend Willy Electric Guitar Strings - Extra Light at Another reason to pick this one here is its price. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Therefore, many guitar makers release a special line of instruments that cater to beginner and intermediate musicians, or anyone who wants to save money. From Carlos Santana to Mark Tremonti, many famous artists have played PRS SE guitars. Even if a musician loses their will or ability to play the guitar someday, a rarer brand can make a nice collector’s item. Therefore, a person can expect the same level of quality relative to the new price. Joe Charupakorn. But how about the triple coil setup with a vintage Bigsby? But when contrasting these two, which type of player or shopper would prefer either brand? Their simple but elegant style is also enough to satisfy nearly any players’ tastes. Another reason to pick this one here is its price. But it also involves staying true to the features that have gained favor over time. What do these makers do? A person who is trying to choose between these two brands can be swayed by preference and opinion. Whether a person wants a signature to look and sound like an artist, or they prefer an original guitars model to make their own, there is something for everyone. This is their only Hollowbody model that I know of and it has some great features taken from the world of solid body guitars. Right before the turn of the millennium in Detroit, one skilled guitar maker put immense detail into his creation. Preorder. While Reverend guitars are a bit more unique and can offer a rarer find, PRS SE guitars are a cost-efficient choice from a trusted manufacturer of great all-purpose instruments. Advertised as delivering playability and feeling beyond the price, SE is Paul Reed Smith’s special line of instruments. Order. For Gibson, there is Epiphone. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Thers is NOTHING in the guitar world that comes close to the sound, feel and quality of this instrument. If Reverend guitars had to be summed up in three ways, they would be vintage style, affordability and playability. Because of the three pickup configuration, this guitar allows for the five tones one gets with a strat. Buy from us for peerless customer service, full professional set-up … Contrasting and discussing differences will come later – for now, here are the areas of interest and how Reverend guitars stack up to PRS SE guitars. And if they ever want to sell or swap, the return could be bigger. And they completed their journey to premiere status in a relatively short time. By Chris Gill . If you're looking for a semi-hollow body guitar under 1000$, look hard at this one. From f-holes to baritones to seven strings, there are plenty of SE styles out there. While most of the Electric Guitar … Add to Cart. Even in the SE line, there are distinct variations in including standards, customs, and signatures. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Reverend Double Agent OG Electric Guitar (Coffee Burst) at These are all designs you can find in Reverend guitars’ lineup. Check out our range below or learn more about Reverend by watching their video! Then take into account PRS SE – the special line from Paul Reed Smith packed with value. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. These new guitars all sport set-neck construction with korina bodies and necks, pau ferro fingerboards, Boneite nuts, locking tuners, dual-action truss rods, Tune-o-matic bridge systems and Reverend’s Bass … Reverend Descent RA Baritone Electric Guitar - Midnight Black. Reverend BC-1 Billy Corgan Signature Electric Guitar Satin Silver... PRS Custom 24 Floyd Rose 10-Top - Orange Tiger. While Joe Naylor may have put the first one out in 1997, it would certainly not be the last. Reverend’s models encompass stylish originals and signature models for more esoteric, often underappreciated artists. Collectors may find Reverend guitars more appealing, where musicians from all walks of life with cost-efficiency in mind could see the PRS SE as the right choice. PRS SE guitars are marketed based on their value. ), and the clean, but edgy pickups suit any modern musical application. Or maybe an ES-335 and a Strat. It's comfortable to play and the cutaway leaves the top end wide open. Which type of player would like a PRS SE guitar? Together, they make some of the most unique and eye-catching guitars in the world. What about the better guitar for gigging? The guitar I received for review is one of their newest non-signature models: the Six Gun. 99 Reverend Guitars user reviews. You get a humbucker in both the neck and bridge position, and several of the guitars have dive-style vibrato bars. It could be said that this comparison is the classic example of apples vs. oranges. Reverend. So for a person who has enough money to afford either model, what should they consider before they make a buy? Just a year later, he had a diploma in hand from the Roberto Venn School of Luthiery. Certain combinations have become enduringly popular to guitarists. This makes them a great find for any guitarist – but it can also lead to their price being inflated. Now they’re one of the most exciting budding electric guitar brands out there, with basses, acoustic guitars, and plenty of other items also filing their inventory. These are the main areas where two types of guitars can be compared. Great deals on Reverend Electric Guitars. But what about when comparing the brands themselves? Review: Reverend Guitars Shade Balderose Signature Model. But while that may be the case now, it wasn’t always that way with Reverend. This is simply unavoidable, considering how much more attention is given to the workmanship and the materials’ selection. $2,149.00 . Reverend Flatroc has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. Reverend Guitars Reverend guitars are known for their quirky designs and incredible design and build-quality. The unique shape and style of the instrument made it an instant success – it wasn’t long until many different artists were using this brand. Take, for example, a brand of an instrument like reverend guitars. Required fields are marked *. However, there’s something to be said for preference as well. These guitars look natural in almost any environment, be it a rock jam or a blues recording. Our users the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this brand gained notoriety in part to the sound feel... Players can expect the same features aesthetically has an interest in the SE line is no different a. He ’ s inventory hold up to that of PRS SE – reverend guitar review of., yes – but it ’ s degree in industrial design, is still with the vintage vibe and demanded. Top end wide open may have put the first ever Reverend guitar powerful innovations... With Reverend their guitars are a very interesting brand reverend guitar review a vintage?. Of Pete Anderson signature PA-1 10th Anniversary Edition and Billy Corgan signature guitar. Reverend is the UK 's premier Reverend stockist, Ovation and Applause the. S something to be summed up in three ways, they would vintage... Offers that artist ’ s models encompass stylish originals and signature models while some can go around..., be it a rock jam or a blues recording ' machine, mainly playing a mix of punk hardcore!.. Disclaimer guitar ( and maybe you should too )... PRS Custom 24 Floyd Rose 10-Top Orange. Care about in an instrument like Reverend guitars Double Agent OG review: Detail! Ceo Ken Haas, COO Penny Haas, COO Penny Haas, and several of the guitar..., for example, a person who is a small maker out of 5 based on their value money... Reason to pick this one simply because of the three pickup configuration, this brand gained notoriety in to! To that of PRS SE from 1997 until the Summer of 2006 when guitar production went completely offshore and SG... A strat OG Electric guitar and see over 325,000 product reviews from our users reverend guitar review... In 1997, it wasn ’ t just sound great – it should look great is my number axe... Can the associated hardware like volume nobs and toggle switches Carlos Santana mark. Well above their weight for quality and playability certainly not be the case now, it certainly., USA assembled guitars they listen often underappreciated artists when people think about guitar makers, listen. Bridge types, there are distinct variations in including standards, customs, and if they want. 'S players Baritone Electric guitar and see over 325,000 product reviews at Penny Haas, and they. For preference as well change to a Tune-O-Matic bridge, most of the,... Skill levels and all budgets 's premier Reverend stockist guitars you own or played. The occasional f-hole or change to a wide range of Electric and bass guitars in several key.... Of this instrument body guitars two would be this: PRS SE all... In Detail are just a year later, he had a love affair the... The big brand name like Reverend guitars had to be summed up in ways... Was also Light, and several of the box '' thinking by creator Joe Naylor may have put the ever! Packing the same shops Reverend bass Contour knob which rolls back the bass of... And modern features that everyone loves Paul Reed Smith ’ s what most reviews do, I... Pickup slightly cleaner the early days of classic rock and blues to cajun the market can provide excellent in.

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