Heavy duty to support up to 200 Lbs.. to install, poke hole in drywall, insert hook into drywall and place washer up against drywall, … https://todayshomeowner.com/video/how-to-hang-pictures-on-drywall Of course, when possible, use a fastener that goes through the drywall into the wood or steel stud. You simply create a ¼” hold, pop the CRL NoStud Drywall Picture Hanger in place and then secure it with three nails. Hanging a picture frame on a wall by driving a nail into a wall stud is one option to hang a picture, but it can bring problems. No stud drywall picture hanger is designed to work in drywall with no stud. If you can’t find a stud or the stud is not in a location where you want your picture to hang, you can try our favorite method which is to use a drywall … The best way to safely hang a heavy picture on drywall is to use a stud finder. Instead, another option is to hang your picture without the nail in the stud. The anchored design lets you hang an item up to 200 lbs on it and it works on drywall … Why? For one thing, once the nail is in the stud, in removing the nail you risk making dents or holes in your drywall.

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