See all 206 Shanghai Tower tickets and tours on Tripadvisor. Dream Big takes an up-close look at Shanghai Tower’s stunning glass façade, which twists in a triangle through 120 degrees as it soars, an elegant means of battling one of the biggest problems all super-tall buildings face: their vulnerability to fierce gusts that can stress the structure and cause upper floors to take on a dizzying sway. Dream Big takes an up-close look at Shanghai Tower’s stunning glass façade, which twists in a triangle through 120 degrees as it soars, an elegant means of battling one of the biggest problems all super-tall buildings face: their vulnerability to fierce gusts that can stress the structure and cause upper floors to take on a dizzying sway. Its 258-room hotel, located between the 84th and 110th floors, is to be operated by Jin Jiang International Hotels as the Shanghai Tower J-Hotel, and at the time of its completion it will be the highest hotel in the world. Shanghai Tower. The tenants of the tower include Alibaba, Intesa Sanpaolo and AllBright Law Offices. [38], In 2008, the site – previously a driving range[41] – was prepared for construction. The W Hotel is just one component within Kemper Development Company’s 1.5 million-square-foot, mixed-use Lincoln Square Expansion project in Bellevue’s Eastside community. [46] In the first months of 2012, cracks began appearing in the roads near the tower's construction site. Shanghai Tower rises to the sky like a tree, with a “trunk” made of a concrete core surrounded by steel super-columns, and “branches” to support mechanical and refuge floors at the base of each zone. [2][6] Funding for the tower's construction was obtained from shareholders, bank loans, and Shanghai's municipal government. Gensler won an invited competition in 2008 for the $1.9 billion project, beating SOM, KPF, and Foster + Partners. 92652 U.S.A. © 2016 MacGillivray Freeman Films. [34] The Shanghai Tower's tuned mass damper, designed to limit swaying at the top of the structure, was the world's largest at the time of its installation. Connie Zhou. [58] The building has a vertical twist of 90 degrees. Sydney, NSW. Although the building was originally scheduled to open to the public in November 2014, the actual public-use date slipped considerably. [26] As a result, the building's constructors saved an estimated US$58 million in material costs. Introduction The Shanghai Tower is unlike any other megatall skyscraper built in the world. Singapore. [48] By the end of 2012, the tower had reached the 90th floor, standing approximately 425 meters (1,394 ft) tall. Cutting wind load also reduced the amount of construction materials engineers needed. [15], The tower has faced problems attracting tenants due to the absence of all the necessary permits from the local fire department, and consequent impossibility to obtain the official occupancy permit (eventually obtained at end of June 2017). At 2,073 feet, the Shanghai Tower rises above SOM's pagoda-like Jin Mao Tower (1,381 feet) and KPF's World Financial Center (1,615 feet) with its cutout top. [17] Since opening the tower has had significant maintenance issues and remains largely unoccupied. Some Chinese social media users criticized the leakage as typical of the results of tofu-dreg projects. Shanghai: The world's second tallest building, Shanghai Tower, will soon open in the Chinese financial capital with a twist a 120 degree twist, to … [37] Construction practices were also sustainable. IMAX® is a registered trademark of Imax Corporation. [9] It is the world's second-tallest building by height to architectural top and it shares the record (along with the Ping An Finance Center) of having the world's highest observation deck within a building or structure at 562 m.[10] It had the world's second-fastest elevators at a top speed of 20.5 meters per second (74 km/h; 46 mph) until 2017,[11][12] when it was surpassed by the Guangzhou CTF Finance Center, with its top speed of 21 meters per second (76 km/h; 47 mph). These three shuttle elevators are supplemented by three fireman's elevators which will significantly increase the visitor throughput to the observation deck at peak usage periods. By incorporating best practices in sustainability and high-performance design, by weaving the building into the urban fabric of Shanghai and drawing community life into the building, Shanghai Tower redefines the role of tall buildings in contemporary cities and raises the bar for the next generation of super-highrises. [21] The tower had an estimated construction cost of US$2.4 billion. The tower uses 25% less structural steel than a conventional design of similar height. The W Hotel is part of the 1.5 million square-foot mixed-use Lincoln Square Expansion project … The 14-story, 245-room hotel sits atop four floors of retail, and 231 luxury residences rise above the W Hotel in a single 42-story tower. [62], Shanghai Tower Construction and Development, second-tallest building by height to architectural top, List of buildings with 100 floors or more, "Official Weibo Blog (use Google Translate and see status update dated 2013-11-29 14:35:44)", "Shanghai Tower Developer Casts a Wide Net", Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, "Shanghai defies slump with tallest building plan", "China's Tallest Skyscraper Marks Big Step Toward Its 2015 Finish", "Is China's Shanghai Tower the world's greenest super skyscraper? Shanghai Tower’s twisting, tapering, triangular form—without a typical “look-at-me” cap on top—will appear as if it could continue skyward forever. The tower ranks as China's tallest building and second only to the world at large. P.O. [39] In addition, the building's heating and cooling systems use geothermal energy sources. These include the world’s tallest wind turbines, which take advantage of the powerful air currents surrounding the tower to provide 10% of the building’s energy, and a state-of-the-art rainwater collection system. Laguna Beach, CA If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel at least 24 hours before the start date of your tour for a full refund. [5][24] Each of these nine areas has its own atrium, featuring gardens, cafés, restaurants and retail space, and providing panoramic views of the city. Architecture with a twist. Shanghai Tower Twist and Shout: China's tallest building puts a new spin on high-rise design and asserts itself in a cluster of giants. [35], The Shanghai Tower incorporates numerous green architecture elements; its owners received certifications from the China Green Building Committee and the U.S. Green Building Council for the building's sustainable design. … [27], The Shanghai Tower joins the Jin Mao Tower and SWFC to form the world's first adjacent grouping of three supertall buildings. [56] The tower's interior construction and electrical fitting-out were completed in late 2014. Shanghai Tower can be crowded, so we recommend booking e-tickets ahead of time to secure your spot. The 828-metre Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower in Dubai, UAE, is the inspiration behind the design of 632-meter Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest, and the world’s second tallest tower. In September 2011, Mitsubishi Electric announced that it had won a bid to construct the Shanghai Tower's elevator system. Featured in Dream Big, this twisting design helps to reduce the impact of typhoon winds on the world's second tallest building. "[54] Gu Jianping, general manager of the Shanghai Tower Construction Company, expressed the firm's wish "to provide higher quality office and shopping space, as well as contribute to the completeness of the city skyline's and the entire region's functionality". The Shanghai Tower’s design firm proclaimed the building as “the greenest super high-rise building on earth.”. Emporis, a real estate data mining company, just announced the winner of its 2015 Skyscraper Awards — not a typo, the company judges towers built in a given year the year after — and crowned the twisting Shanghai Tower as its winner. The Tower opened in 2015 and features 127 stories that rise above the clouds in spiral form that is at once romantic and practical, shedding huge wind forces while resembling a dragon’s serpentine tail. [14][29][56] The opening was gradually introduced during the summer of 2016. State-backed developer Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co. views the modern design as … [15] The double-layered insulating glass façade was designed to reduce the need for indoor air conditioning, and is composed of an advanced reinforced glass with a high tolerance for temperature variations. [5][36] In 2013, a Gensler spokesman described the tower as "the greenest super high-rise building on earth at this point in time".

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