Enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature in Lisine

At a place where nature has left its mark on the world, we have built a peaceful oasis for you to rest and relax.
We have prepared the most beautiful things from Serbia for you, so visit us this season.

For your perfect holiday, we have prepared...

Lepo Mesto obezbedjuje smestaj za vas najudobniji odmor


In our brand new facility in Lisine, we have three units which create a very pleasant, private atmosphere. You can choose your room based on its color or the view.

Ukusna nacionalna kuhinja - Lepo Mesto

A restaurant

Our dear guest can enjoy a wide selection of national dishes. Each meal, together with national drinks, brings out the best in Serbia.

Restoran - Lepo Mesto

Tourist tours

For those who want to explore and get to know the unspoiled nature of the Resava region and Lisine, there are attractive tourist tours that will make your vacation unique and unforgettable..

Place for Your Vacation

The Stojanovics poured all their love for Resava into ‘Lepo Mesto’ so that everyone who visits this area can have lots of wonderful memories and take some of the magic of this magnificent nature with them..

Our new establishment boasts fully-equipped rooms that enable guests to take a break from the city noise. By offering snacks, gastronomic specialties and carefully selected drinks menu, our restaurant will seduce all your senses and make sure you enjoy the Resava region even more

Come as guests, enjoy as friends …

Lepo mesto - mesto za vas i vašu porodicu

Active vacation for adventure lovers

Discover the most beautiful parts of the Resava region and its breathtaking scenery with experienced guides who know and love this area. Visit Lisine, Veliki buk waterfall, Manasija Monastery or Resava cave and have the experience of a lifetime.

Comfortable accommodation and delicious food for the best vacation

Choose your oasis of peace during your stay with us. We have prepared rooms with a stunning view of the Resava region’s unspoiled nature as well as extensive menus to bring you closer to the beauty and tastes of our region.

Naši prijatelji iz Italije - Lepo Mesto
Lepote Resavskog okruga - Lepo Mesto
Širok izbor hrane - Lepo Mesto
Prijatelji iz Italije - Lepo Mesto
Širok izbor hrane - Lepo Mesto
Širok izbor hrane - Lepo Mesto
Širok izbor hrane - Lepo Mesto
Terasa - Lepo Mesto

Let beautiful nature and our motel be part of your vacation

If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us via form or via phone 00 381 64 286 08 75.

Lepo Mesto